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Prayer Training

Our Philosophy

The Prayer Chaplain Program has been designed so that it may be implemented by any ministry of any faith.  As a result the "Prayer" section of the PC Manual and Trainer's Guide indicates that the Prayer Process gives us the steps one can take in learning to "pray out loud," and the Prayer Practice needs to be customized by the PC Trainer congruent with your community's beliefs, style, or doctrine.

There are as many philosophies on prayer as there are people in the world.  Each faith has their own approach.  In Unity we say "there are many paths to God" and it is our goal to respect those many paths.
Unity/New Thought Resources for Enhancing/Establishing Prayer Training/Classes

While we do recommend that you require prayer and foundational Unity/New Thought classes as prerequisites for becoming a Prayer Chaplain, these are also important classes to offer to your entire congregation.  It's an important part of the educational process that will assist your community in stepping into the Prayer Chaplain Program more fully.  Unity offers many resources and publications when it comes to prayer and we would like to mention just a few that you might find helpful.

  • NEW alternative required text for Unity's Life of Prayer Course is How to Pray Without Talking to God:  moment by moment, choice by choice by Rev. Linda Martella-WhitsettRev. Linda is a spirited messenger bringing a spiritual message for our times.  She is an ordained Unity minister and New Thought leader, urging us to suspend confining religious dogma and claim our Divine Identity.  This would also be great reading for your more experienced Prayer Chaplains looking to further develop their prayer life and strengthen their understanding of affirmative prayer.  Rev. Linda offers a downloadable study guide for $40 that will support you in a 7-week study of her book (click here to view a sample).   For more information or to purchase the study guide click here.

  • Adventures in Prayer by Rev. Sharon Connor.  This book is about creating a better life through prayer. Rev. Sharon tested the power of prayer over and over as she grew from a frightened, impoverished, but determined single mother of two children to a senior minister who has brought the gift of prayer to thousands. This step-by-step guide provides honest, practical answers -- and the inspiration to act on them.  Rev. Sharon also offers a free downloadable Adventures in Prayer study guide.  For more information click here.

  • Resources and classes offered through Unity Institute include:
    • Life of Prayer Class (Personal Development)

      (formerly Life of Prayer, Part A, also available through Distance Learning)
      Explore the benefits and purposes of prayer, seek methods for deepening your personal prayer life, and develop a credo for your prayer life.

      Required Texts

      Handbook of Positive Prayer (Hypatia Hasbrouck)

      Books of Interest

      The New Interpreter's Study Bible, New Revised Standard with the Apocrypha
      Teach Us to Pray (Charles & Cora Fillmore)
      Effectual Prayer (Frances W. Foulks)
      The Quest for Prayer (Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla)
      The Universe Is Calling (Eric Butterworth)
      Prayer the Master Key (James Dillet Freeman)
      How to Live in the Circle of Prayer (Stella Terrill Mann)

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