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Leadership Development

My passion for developing leaders and empowering people in all areas of their lives is what led me to join the John Maxwell Team and start my own company to pursue my passion full-time. Prior to joining the team, I spent 30 years in nonprofit and corporate leadership specializing in revenue generation, team building, capacity building, training, operations, volunteer management, and leadership development.

I have served in large and small organization understanding and leveraging the unique opportunities and overcoming the challenges that each presented. I have successfully lived the leadership principles that John teaches and love to help others do the same  I believe that effective leadership is the key to healthy, successful and vision-driven people and organizations.  Effective leadership begins with each one of us.

Learn more about me and the programs and services available to you through 3P-Leadership, LLC.
Leadership is Key

We believe that strong leadership is one of the most important component to a successful Prayer Chaplain Program. The ability to create influence and hold individuals accountable, create an environment of teamwork and respect, and establish strong boundaries and hold them firm even in the face of resistance are all important aspects of the leadership skills that are required of an effective Prayer Chaplain Program leader. This perspective is not limited to the Prayer Chaplain Program but has relevance to leadership within all organizations, non-profits, and particularly ministries.

We recognize that while Trainers or other ministry program leaders may receive everything they need to start or assume leadership of an existing program, good leadership skills are not attained over night and may require a commitment to self discovery and personal development. While every one of us is born with the ability to be a strong leader, not every one of us expresses strong leadership.

To that end we offer suggestions for a number of resources that we feel will be especially important to the leadership of a Prayer Chaplain Program and other ministry programs as well as opportunities to gain increased knowledge through trainings delivered by Light & Love Ministries. 

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