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Interim Prayer Chaplain Program Leadership

Interim Prayer Chaplain Program Leadership

We recognize that there are times when a Prayer Chaplain Program may need leadership because the Trainer left suddenly and there wasn't time to get a succession plan in place or you've had a leader assume leadership who has not yet attended a Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Workshop.

Light & Love Ministries (Rev. Lei Lanni, Jeri, and JB) is now available to serve as interim leadership for your program.  We will work closely with the ministry leadership to lead/manage your program or work alongside the leader you have in place until a new leader can be trained to assume leadership of the program or the current leader can attend a workshop. 

We will offer this leadership from our home office in Phoenix by using technology (Skype, telephone, email, etc.) with the goal of getting a new leader up and running as quickly as possible.

This service will be offered on a "Love Offering" basis.  If you are looking for interim leadership of your program, please contact us by phone at 602-843-8360602-843-8360 or by email.

We would love to be of service to you!

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