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Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the years of working with our material, training Trainers and Prayer Chaplains, and learning from how programs are operating in the field, we have collected a lot of information and have fielded a lot of questions.  We'd like to share with you some of the questions we are asked most frequently in the hopes that they will assist you.

How do I start a Prayer Chaplain Program in my ministry?

In order to start a Prayer Chaplain Program someone in your ministry needs to be designated as the Trainer and needs to attend a Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer's Workshop sponsored by Light & Love Ministries.  Through this training, the Trainer is licensed to use the official Prayer Chaplain Training Material (PC Manual and PC Program Trainer's Guide) to train and lead the program. 

Can I take the Prayer Chaplain Program Trainers' Workshop for SEE credit?

Yes, attendance at one of the Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Workshop can be used as an elective for SEE credit.  While you are at the training, you will complete a registration form and submit payment to us of $36.  We will then submit your information and payment to Unity School.

Is the Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Workshop eligible for post-graduate credits?

Yes, you are eligible for post-graduate credits by attending the Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Workshop if you are a minister or licensed teacher.  While at the training, we will ask you to complete a form which we will submit to the Unity Worldwide Ministries.  In addition, the Trainer's Workshop will also satisfy your pastoral care practicum credits if you are in the leadership track to become a licensed teacher.  This form will also be completed while at the training.  

I have previously taken the Prayer Chaplain Trainers' Workshop.  How do I get the new material?  What's the difference between the two versions?

If your attendance at the PC Trainer's Workshop was prior to October of 2005, then you were trained with the material that was developed by Rev. Lei Lanni while at Unity of Phoenix.  Beginning in October of 2005, Light & Love Ministries created a new Prayer Chaplain Manual and Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Guide using the frameworks of the original material.  The new material is significantly streamlined.  You will receive the new material including the 2nd Edition Trainer's Guide (published March 2011) by attending a Prayer Chaplain Trainer's Workshop.

How is the Prayer Chaplain Program different from a Prayer Team?

Every ministry is different and there are many ministries that have multiple prayer teams or prayer groups.  In our experience, prayer teams are often informal groups without a requirement of formal training.  The Prayer Chaplain Program, on the other hand, requires about 37 1/2 hours of training and a one-year commitment to service.   Click here  to view a sample PC commitment form. 

I've heard that Silent Unity workers are eligible for a salary increase by being a Prayer Chaplain.  Have you heard this and can you explain?

It is our understanding that Silent Unity workers who have served or are serving as a Prayer Chaplain in a ministry are eligible to be considered for a pay increase.  Specifics on this should be addressed directly with Silent Unity human resources.

What is collaborative training and how does it work?

Collaborate training is when two or more ministries collaborate to conduct the foundational training for their Prayer Chaplains as a group.  This is a great way to enrich your training particularly if your team is small.  However, it is important that each Prayer Chaplain team has its own trainer who has been trained by Light & Love Ministries and is licensed to use the material.  Click here  to view additional information about collaborative training.

I've heard about the Prayer Chaplain Program but it seems like it has a lot of rules?  Can you explain what the rules are and why they are needed?

The Prayer Chaplain Program is first and foremost about sacred service, but it is a program that operates within a ministry.  Just as in any program, it requires commitment from the Prayer Chaplains and needs to be managed by a strong leader.  The "rules" exist to keep all those participating safe and in alignment with the intent of the program.  You can imagine what would be created if Prayer Chaplains did not keep their one-year commitment or adhere to the policy on confidentiality for example.  We have seen good programs fall apart due to a lack of boundaries and holding individuals accountable.

We use a quote in our training from the January/February 2006 issue of Contact Newsletter by the Association and it says “Recently church consultant, Bill Easum, noted that Unity is high on the gift of ‘mercy’ resulting in not holding people accountable for commitments.  If we want to move beyond ‘good,’ holding people accountable for what they say they will do must be demonstrated and rigorously enforced.  This applies to staff and volunteers.”


Why are you so restrictive with the use of your material?

The policies around the use of our material have really evolved just as the program has evolved and has come about through the advice of our intellectual property attorney.  The material we have published and made available is no different than a published book.  It is protected by copyright and should only be used in the way it was created to be used. 

Our license agreement gives permission to the trainer being licensed to use the material to train Prayer Chaplains within their home ministry.  When and if that Trainer leaves the ministry, he or she need to take the material with them.  If that ministry does not have a trained leader to assume leadership,  they may send an individual to a Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer's Workshop to receive the training and get licensed to use the material.  We have found that it is not possible to just pick up the material and start training, without the consciousness pieces behind the training that are only offered through our workshop.

We invite you to download this article for additional information.  Please feel free to call our office at 602-843-8360 about specific situations.

As a minister, what is my role with the Prayer Chaplain Program?

This is definitely not a "one size fits all" answer.  A minister's role varies depending on the situation of the ministry.  We have many ministers serving as the Prayer Chaplain leader and trainer, but that role is often too time intensive given the other responsibilities a minister has.

It is our intent that the minister serves as partner and coach to the individual serving as the trainer/leader of the program.  The trainer very much needs your support especially when it's time to make the hard decisions.  We emphasize to Trainers the need for them to involve the minister in the program, keep them informed of what's going on especially about decisions that need to be made prior to making them, and to support them in consciousness for their growth and unfoldment. 

Is there a requirement for recertification to remain a Prayer Chaplain Program Trainer once I have taken the training?

No, there is currently no recertification process.  However, we do recommend that Trainers attend a Trainer's Workshop every 2 - 3 years as a refresher.  The program emphasizes the need for ongoing training for our Prayer Chaplains and this is no different for Trainers.  We continue to unfold and deepen the training each year so Trainers will always receive something new.  In addition, our Leadership and Monthly Meeting webinars are a great source of ongoing training and development.

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